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Set Up Event Notification

The PacketWise software can notify you when an event occurs via email, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps, or Syslog. While registering an event, you select which method(s) you want to use for notification of that event. However, before you can do this, you need to set up your system to handle these functions. For more information about the PacketShaper event feature, see Overview of Event Notification and Notify Someone of Situations of Interest.

Defining the SNMP Trap Destination

In order to send SNMP traps when an event occurs, PacketWise needs to know where to send the traps — the SNMP trap destination. You can define up to eight IP addresses in the Setup window's SNMP page. For details, see Configure PacketWise for SNMP Support.

Setting Up Email Notification

PacketWise uses the SMTP protocol for email messaging. To configure email notification, you need to:

1. Specify the SMTP server location and the sender's email account.

2. Indicate who will receive the email notification of events when thresholds are crossed.

3. Verify the email configuration by sending a test message.

See Set Up Email Notification for details.

Setting Up Syslog on a PacketShaper

The logging feature gives administrators a way to centrally log and analyze configuration events and system error messages. To set up logging, you need to define the Syslog servers and then enable the logging feature. See Set Up Syslog for details.

Setting Up Syslog on PolicyCenter

When you download, install and configure Kiwi Enterprise's Kiwi Syslog Daemon, you can view audit log messages directly in the PolicyCenter browser interface. The audit log messages generated by this syslog server helps network administrators determine which users have made changes to PolicyCenter software, configurations and units, and when these changes were made. Audit log messages can also be sent to up to three external syslog servers. See Add an External Syslog Server for details.


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