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PolicyCenter Login Settings

The PolicyCenter Login Settings window allows you configure a message that will display before logging into PolicyCenter, disable or enable nonsecure access to the PolicyCenter browser interface, and select which PolicyCenter window should first appear once you log in.

Select a PolicyCenter Startup Page

PolicyCenter remembers the last page you viewed before logging off your previous PolicyCenter session, and returns you to that same page the next time you log in. If you want to change this default behavior so you are always returned to one predetermined page immediately after logging in, you can specify the table or details view of the Units, Configurations or Users window as your PolicyCenter startup page.

Note: This setting selects a startup page only for the computer you are currently using to log into PolicyCenter. If you clear the cookies on your browser, this setting will be lost.

To select a PolicyCenter startup page:

  1. Access the PolicyCenter browser interface and click the Setup tab.

  2. From the Setup Category list, select Login Settings.  show screen

  3. Click the Page drop-down list, and select the page and view you want to appear when you first login to PolicyCenter. To return to the default startup page behavior, select the Last Selected Page option.

  4. Click Apply to update the startup page setting.

Require Secure Access to PolicyCenter

PolicyCenter administrators can disable nonsecure HTTP access to the PolicyCenter browser interface and force all PolicyCenter users to login via secure HTTPS only. You must log in to PolicyCenter via HTTPS before you enable this feature, as disabling HTTP access will immediately end all HTTP sessions.

To force secure access to PolicyCenter:

  1. Login to the PolicyCenter browser interface via HTTPS by clicking the Secure Connection checkbox on the PolicyCenter login page.  show screen

  2. Click the Setup tab.

  3. From the Setup Category list, select Login Settings.  show screen

  4. Click the Disable HTTP checkbox. A popup window asks you to confirm your changes.

  5. Click OK.

  6. (Optional) If you want to use the PolicyCenter file distribution server to distribute files to PacketShapers in shared mode, you must also configure the file distribution server for HTTPS.

Create a Login Message

The PolicyCenter login message displays on the login page on both the browser and client (command-line) interfaces, and is useful for informing users about the company's access policies and consequences for unauthorized use. The text can be up to 511 characters long.

To enter a PolicyCenter login message:

1. Click the Setup tab in PolicyCenter.

2. From the Setup Category list, select Login Settings.  show screen

3. Type the login message text into the Message field.

4. Click Apply to update the settings.



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