What’s New

Why did my login page change?

We recently introduced a wizard to streamline our BlueTouch Online Support (BTO) login request process. Additionally, there are new self-service features you can use to change your password or user name.

Logging Into BlueTouch Online Support (BTO Login):

1.      What is a BlueTouch Online Login (BTO Login)?

A Blue Touch Online login gives you access to our support portal. Once you’ve logged in you can:

  • Access our knowledge base containing proactive alerts, troubleshooting wizards, and solutions created by product specialists and the user community.
  • Visit our moderated Support Forums
  • Create and manage technical service requests (SR’s)
  • View your products and support entitlements
  • Download software and product manuals
  • License and activate your products

2.      How do I request a BTO Login?

Click the Blue Touch Support Login button at the top of the Blue Coat homepage (www.BlueCoat.Com). On the login page, click Request New Login. You will need your product serial number or activation code.

3.      I didn’t receive an email to validate my email address after submitting my BTO Login Request. What should I do?

The validation email is sent immediately when we receive your request. If you have not received it after 15 minutes, check to your SPAM filter and make sure you entered the correct email on your request. 

4.      My co-worker(s) would like their own BlueTouch Online Login. What do I do?

Each individual will have to request a login through the BTO online portal. You can place the request for them by entering their email and contact information.

6.      How long will it take to approve my BlueTouch Online Login request?

Once you’ve verified your email address, allow up to two business days for your request to be processed. For urgent requests, contact us by phone.

7.      What if I forget my password?

While your password cannot be retrieved, it can easily be reset. Visit the login page and click Forgot Password? Follow the instructions and you should be able to log in again shortly.

8.      Why can't I use my personal email as a BlueTouch Online Login?

Using your company email domain helps us protect your company’s information. If you need to use your personal email, please contact us by phone.

9.      I am a Partner with Blue Coat Systems and would like a login to the partner support portal. Is this the same as a BlueTouch Online Login?

No, BlueTouch Online Logins are not the same as Partner Logins. For a Blue Source Partner Login please send your full name, email address, and phone number, and what issue you may be experiencing to:

11. How can I change my contact information (email address, phone number)?

You can manage your contact information from the My Profile link in the top right corner of the navigation

12. How can I change my password after I log in?

Log onto BTO. Click on myProfile at the top of the screen. On the left side of the screen a menu will appear. Select Change Password.


Service Requests


13.   What priority do I use when creating a new SR?

If you have a network down or a serious impact to your business operation, do not use the BlueTouch Online portal. Open your service request directly with us by phone. For information on configuration, deployment and other general questions use P4. For all other issues, use P3.

14.   Should I create a new SR if I have an urgent request?

You must open an SR for an urgent request by telephone. You can open the request online, using the SR number you can upload appropriate diagnostic files, and then give the SR number to the technician who answers your call so they can update the priority and manage the case appropriately..

15.   Why do some of my serial numbers allow me to log open an SR and others are grayed out?

You can only open a service request on devices which are currently under support.

16.   How can I add my own tracking number to a service request?

You can add your own tracking number to the “Customer Reference #” field when you first open the service request.

17.   I would like to download a list of my Service Requests and products. Is there an easy way to do this?

Filter the view that you would like to see and then click on the Export icon in the top right corner of your list view. This will allow you to save your filtered search in Microsoft Excel format.

18.   What do the status values on the Service Requests mean?

The status values indicate one of the following:

The service request has been opened but an engineer is not yet assigned.
Open    The service request is open and a Blue Coat support engineer is actively researching and working on your service request.
Info Req
Blue Coat requires additional information from you and is waiting for you to provide this to continue the troubleshooting process.
Blue Coat believes that the solution that has been provided you will resolve the problem you reported. We are waiting for your confirmation.
The problem you reported has been resolved and you have confirmed that the service request can be closed.

19. How can I find out when to expect my replacement unit to arrive?

On the RMA Status page, click on the RMA in question. Under Tracking Information, the ETA field will indicate our estimated time of arrival.

20. I would like to copy my coworkers on my SRs.  How can I do this?

In your profile, under System Messages Copy To you can add the addresses of coworkers or distribution lists that you want copied on all updates for all service requests you open.  There is a limit of 500 characters.  Separate email addresses by a semicolon.




I would like to see additional information in the self-service portal. Who do I contact?

Send an email to explaining the information or feature that you would like to see. We will evaluate your request and contact you


Knowledge Base


Every time I try to open a new service request, I get a Knowledge Base search screen.  How am I supposed to use it?

Based on the information you have provided to open your service request, our knowledge base is providing relevant search results that may solve your problem.  Simply follow the links to the provided results.

I would like the system to alert me if there is a certain type of problem or solution. How can I do this?

You can subscribe to any content type or document that you like.  Click on Subscribe to be notified when a new document is posted or changes are made to a document that you are tracking.  Use the My Subscriptions link on the right hand side to manage the documents you are subscribed to.

How long do my subscriptions to articles  last?

By default, you will be subscribed for 90 days.

How do I give feedback about knowledge base articles?

You can use the Recommend Changes link to provide detailed feedback on solution articles and the Rate this Page feature to tell us how useful the content was to you.